Flipper Dave is Brett Connors on guitar and vocals, Glen Nelson on keyboards and vocals, Mike Sherman on bass guitar, and Steve Battistoni on drums. Hailing from New Hartford CT, and founded by Brett Connors in 1994, Flipper Dave has been performing original jam rock from Maine to Colorado. Inspired by the likes of Jerry Garcia, The Allmans, and Max Creek, they have released three CDs, "Flipper Dave", "Too Cold", the classic "Something Simple", the Jägermeister-sponsored live collection "Ransom Notes", and several national Jägermeister CDs. Through the years, Flipper Dave's Connecticut-based following has remained large and loyal. The band members have explored other musical directions (Shortness, Spaghetti Cake) but the musical heart of Flipper Dave has never stopped beating. These veteran artists and extremely close friends describe their music as "road of life rock", playing blisteringly high-energy sets infused with catchy choruses, infectious grooves, astounding musical pyrotechnics, and hooky alt-country anthems about drinking, debauchery, loneliness, loss, love, road trips, and oh yeah, your first minibike. Flipper Dave is more than just a band; they're a family. Brett's music is more than just an ideal; it's a way of life.

Songwriter, lead vocalist, guitarist & founder of Flipper Dave, Brett has played in countless jam bands including The Syte, The Kind & Milk. He earned degrees from Dean Jr. College and University of Northern Colorado and spent several years living in Greely CO. A New Hartford native now residing in Bakerville CT, Brett owns 'Bakerville Painting Company' and calls the famed Brettwoods© Ampitheater home. Brett enjoys hanggliding, go-carting, traveling, watching movies, and video golf. Hear Brett's songs on his 3rd and latest Flipper CD 'Something Simple'. Brett plays Fender Strat, Ovation guitars and Mesa Boogie amps. brett@flipperdave.com NEW! Download Brett Connors movie files! 1.Crashing My Car 2.Minibike Song 3.Mutts 4.Skaburger

Growing up listening to The Beatles, progressive rock, and jazz, Glen Nelson has spent his lifetime dedicated to the pursuit of making music. Glen received his bachelor's degree in Music Education from West-Conn, a Master's Degree in Music Technology from NYU, and a Sixth-Year Degree in Educational Administration from Sacred Heart University in '04. During the 90's, Glen spent five unforgettable summers as a counselor at Camp Encore/Coda in Sweden, Maine. Cranking up his Goff Hammond B3 organ in April 1997 for Flipper Dave, 'Flipper Glen' had written, recorded, and toured with Odyssey, Via Satellite, The Big Organ Trio, Weather Balloon, Mighty Little, and doo-wop group The Five Satins, famous for the #1 smash "In The Still of the Night". In recent years, Glen has written and produced two nationally award-winning CDs, a live concert DVD, and performs regularly with his wife Susan Birk in Spaghetti Cake, an original rock band for the whole family. 'Mr. Nelson' has taught K-5 general classroom music in Watertown, CT for over 10 years. With his students at school he has produced six CDs of original music, raising over $25,000 for local charities. Glen has lived with his family in Nashville, TN, and continues to write and produce stacks of his own songs and teach afterschool songwriting workshops. Currently, Glen is organist and pianist at Immaculate Heart Of Mary Church in his hometown of Harwinton, CT. In addition, Glen is the proud father of three beautiful children named Fox, Vayle, and Aidan. glen@flipperdave.com

Good Merling! Let your heart skip a beat for our drummer. We like to call him 'The Animal'. Playing on drumkits from fourth grade jazz band to basements bands to garage bands to arena bands, we're lucky to have snagged this talented rhythmic artisté onto our stage. Dance to the mint beats that loyal band member since May 1999 Flipper Steve lays down and give him a nice warm welcome at the next show. Owner of 'Battistoni's Drain Service', resident of Simsbury CT and now happily married to sweet bandwife Ally, Stevie-boy works hard so you don't have to! (So don't forget to buy him a nice cold one!) steve@flipperdave.com

Born Chicago IL, Mike started out in in the Chicago studio session circuit (which included a stint with legendary bluessmith Buddy Guy.) Mike possesses a degree in engineering from Loyola University and builds the instruments he plays. Crafting instruments for a stunning list of manufacturers including Washburn, Hohner, Ovation, Dean & Hamer he currently plays 4, 5 & 7-string handmade basses & Ampeg amps. Moving to CT in 1996 and joining Flipper in June 2001, Mike now resides in New Hartford and enjoys racing motorcycles & hanging out with his two cats, Iggy and Stumpy. mike@flipperdave.com

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