May/June 2002 - All Good Things

"Hello again, hello.." I'd like to announce that after 5 years of regularly scheduled news updates that this will be the last official update for awhile. (Well, 4 1/2 years actually, the first 6 months got lost in cyberspace back in '97) Fear not however, for I said 'regularly'. I will still update you from time to time as big news events in the Flipper world unfold. In the meantime, refresh yourself with stories of old, laugh to Fliptionary 5.0© (which now stands at a whopping 1,625 official terms) and check in on our Flip Votes, too. Now on to the news.. 'Somrthing Simple' is coming!!! 5 years after the release of 'Too Cold' (which was officially unveiled at Camp Creek '97) we are pleased to announce that our 3rd studio album is finished and will be available just in time for this year's Camp Creek on 7.26.2002 (That's a release date, y'all.) On behalf of Brett & everyone in the band we sincerely appreciate your patience in getting this long long long-awaited project to you. One thing we know that you will agree with - it was well worth the wait. May started out with Brett playing a gig with Dr. Juice at Murphy & Scarletti's, which must have rekindled the love affair between Dennis & Brett (otherwise known as Brett n' Fanch, or 'Shortness') because since then they've played Sunday Billy Ray's Cafe gigs about 3 or 4 times together, played a party in Manchester and Dennis even filled in for a whole show for me at Hoops n' Hops when Suz & I were on vaca in Blue Hill, ME. Let me say this about Dennis: He is a heavy metal meltdown, a guitar ground zero, a blazing fret furnace; he's positively radiating. There, I'm done. Flipper Mike had a great run as manager of the Chicago Washburn guitar factory for a few months there, finally ending his tenure (to our happy relief) and returned home to start his own guitar making shop right here in CT. Way to go FM, we wish you luck. Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones of course did come out, and whatever else you might say about it, it was at least better than The Phantom Menace. After many concerts & art shows, school ended finally for Suz & myself (to our happy relief) and in August we will be married right here in Litchfield, CT after 5 years of knowing each other. (We met officially at Camp Creek '97 - was that a date to live in infamy or what?) Steve & Ally will be married as well in October 2002, honeymoon in Italy and return home to their new house in Simsbury, CT. Congrats, guys. Speaking of anniversaries, in May Flipper Steve hit the 3-year mark in the band, so kudos again to Brother Steve. In June Suz & I went up to the wine trails of Ithaca, NY where we had gotten engaged one year before at her college reunion, and in June she had a birthday as well. Flipper Dave played some great daytime parties recently in Canton CT, Bakerville CT & George & Kathy Centrella's 40th Birthday Bash in Norfolk CT. Other full band gigs included the usual places like Hoops n' Hops (twice) Billy Ray's Cafe & The Double Down Grill, plus a score of new venues such as Arch Street Tavern with The Feed, Ditto's in Litchfield for roadrace weekend & The Cave in Watertown. Brett also made an acoustic appearance at The Brass Ass, and completed 14 tracks for YET ANOTHER new release for 2002, a Brett Connors solo acoustic CD. Summer 2002 will no doubt be a fun one with many more dates to come, special guest appearances in August while I am away on my honeymoon, plus several local Spaghetti Cake gigs for the kids, including one right here on the green in our hometown of Morris on August 22nd. Hope to see you this summer and thanks for the mammories!

We love 'ya! - Brett, Glen, Steve & Mike